February 26 horoscope libra or libra

Just make sure not to flake on your responsibilities—the moon clashes with Saturn, urging you to focus on your career, too.

The moon in Libra inspires you to get organized today, and you're especially energized to get work done as the moon meets Mars. Don't over-commit to plans as the moon clashes with the planet of limitations, Saturn.

Daily Horoscopes: October 26, 12222

The moon is in fellow air sign Libra today, finding you in a creative mood, and a boost in passion arrives as the moon meets Mars. Get clear on your needs and boundaries as the moon clashes with taskmaster Saturn.

Libra February 26, 2018 Weekly Coffee Cup Reading by Cognitive Universe

You're in a domestic mood today thanks to the moon in Libra, and you're busy working on renovations or projects in your personal life as the moon meets Mars. The moon clashes with Saturn, asking you to set limits in your relationships. The moon is in charming air sign Libra today and it meets with action planet Mars, bringing a big boost in communication.

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Don't overbook yourself, Leo. Stay focused on your tasks today—your responsibilities need your attention as the moon clashes with Saturn. The moon in Libra encourages you to sort out financial issues, especially as it connects with action planet Mars.

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Money can be a tricky topic, but you have the energy to deal with it today. Email Horoscopes Get your Horoscopes delivered free to your inbox every day!

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The Libra-Scorpio Cusp in Astrology

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About Libra Librans are good at relationships. The Sun brightens the diplomatic sign of Libra on September 23, boosting our ability to read social cues and need for fairness. A positive New Moon Libra greets us on September 28 at p. EST, encouraging us to connect with others and reinvest our time in our relationships.

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The month winds up on a celebratory note as material Venus sextiles bountiful Jupiter. The weather is getting colder and the year is drawing to a close. On Tuesday, November 12, the full Frost Moon will rise in the sky. As you may already kno. In astrology, Venus rules love, beauty, and prosperity, while Sagittar. These intricately decorated creations are a well-known part of celebrati.